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Welcome to the San Diego Natural History Museum's historic field note online transcription portal.

Here, by transcribing the hand-written field notes of past experts, you will be able to help SDNHM researchers learn more about the diversity and habits of species. These field notes contain invaluable information about the quantity of species within an area, how often they were sighted, and the specimen's physical attributes. This information can be compared with information collected today to determine what changes may have occurred in the past 50 to 100 years.

Currently, the fields notes of Laurence M. Klauber, celebrated herpetologist, have been digitized by the Internet Archive and are ready for transcription. To help with this effort, please sign up, and you will be able to access the journals. Click here for progress information and top contributors

Click here to download the user manual (PDF) and get started.

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Software Updates

New community features
Users may now add notes to pages -- this should allow people to comment on the transcriptions and the subject matter, and is the nucleus of some community features. Recently added notes appear on the collection home, so you can see what's been going on.
Top 10 Indexers
The system now records the act of annotating/indexing a transcription as a separate deed. The statistics screen displays a new Top 10 Indexers list for these users. (March 5)
Page Status
You can now mark pages as Blank or Incomplete in the transcription screen. Pages marked blank will be excluded from the statistics for that work and will also be treated appropriately when the work is exported. Incomplete pages will soon be displayed in a list so that people can review and update their transcriptions. (March 5)